Location, location, location

I have recently moved back to London and am now trying to figure out what the next chapter in my life will look like.

In the mean time I thought I would use this blog to showcase some of my favorite London places and also give a bit of an insight into my life at the moment.
To start off with that I thought I would share one of my favorite places to go to, Holland Park. While it may not be as magnificent as some of the big Royal Parks of London, I really like it as there usually are not that many people around so you can really enjoy it. It does get quite busy in the summer with tourists but once it starts to cool down it is much more quiet.
Apart from squirrels and water fowl, the big stars of the park are the Peafowls. These big birds walk the premises freely but if you can’t find them they are usually around the Kyoto Garden. This garden itself is a nice little area to hang around. It has a little waterfall plus a pond full with fish swimming around.And if you have kids with you there is plenty of space to run around on.

If you want to go someplace bigger afterwards, you can just walk down to Kensington High Street(which itself has a bunch of shops if you are interested in that) and walk straight to Hyde Park

(all pics are clickable and will open up bigger in a new window)

A map to show you how close it is to Hyde Park and also the tube stations around!
A map to show you how close it is to Hyde Park and also the tube stations around!
Waterfall at Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, London


The peacock with its magnificent feathers!
The peacock with its magnificent feathers!


Peacocks have some of the most beautiful feathers!
The Peahens may not be as magnificent but I think they are still pretty!
The Peahens may not be as magnificent but I think they are still pretty!
Peahen in Holland Park,London

As always all the pictures have been taken by me. While I do not mind people sharing them, please credit this blog if you are doing so!



Weekly photo challenge – Half & Half

I love the ocean, and I thopught that the picture of a sunset over the ocean was a perfect choice for this weeks challenge. As I am about to move back to London I am very appreciative of the opportunity that I have had here to see all these amazing places.

This was another picture that was taken on the 17- mile drive in Carmel, California.

Sunset on the 17- mile drive, Carmel-by-the-sea in California
Sunset on the 17- mile drive, Carmel-by-the-sea in California


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Weekly  photo challenge: Off season

Just realized that I have not written anything here in a long time. Things have been crazy lately and big changes are happening in my life. Anyways, as a way to come back I thought I would participate in this weeks photo challenge: Off season

I thought I would share this photograph of a beautiful sunset in Carmel,Ca that I experienced around Christmas last year. I was in Monterey and Carmel last summer but it was so cold and foggy,  you could barely see the sea. Yet when we were there in December it was nice and warm and the skies were clear. A bonus is also that the sunset was around 5pm so I didn’t have to sit around and wait for it that long 🙂

Hope you like it!

Sunset over the ocean on the 17-mile drive in Carmel-by-the-Sea. A must see place!
Sunset over the ocean on the 17-mile drive in Carmel-by-the-Sea. A must see place!


Weekly photo challenge: Off season

Stepping out of the box

While I have been trying to get back into painting lately, and am now taking a blogging course to step up my writing,  I have also been eager to try out new things. While I would never consider myself an artist it’s always fun to try new things anyways no matter how bad you might feel at them and hey you might find something you are really good at as well. I have now discovered Inkscape, which is an illustrator program similar to the ones Adobe offers but the best thing is it’s for free! I have had a lot of fun playing around with all the different tools and creating things.

Since it is Easter soon I thought i would share how to make Easter eggs in just a few quick steps:

First just draw a circle
Easter egg 2
Now click on Path –> Object to Path
Easter egg 3
Now click on the highlighted spot and hold. Start dragging your shape upwards.
Easter egg 4
Adjust the shape until you get something like this.
Easter egg 5
Now click on the square icon and make some rectangles over the egg like this. Don’t worry about them coming out a bit.
Easter egg 6
Now left click on the egg itself and press Ctrl+D to duplicate it.
Easter egg 7
The new egg shape should come up on top and your picture should look like this.
Easter egg 8
Now left click and drag a square around all the shapes to mark them all.
Easter egg 9
Now go to Object–>Clip–>Set and click.
Now your shape should look like this.
Easter egg 11
Now mark all the shapes again and to to Object–>Group and click
And now you should be able to adjust the entire shape at once.
Here is an illustration I made in Inkscape as a tryout for some Easter cards I plan on making.


Blogging 101 – Introduction

I have tried to start a blog several times, but then life has always come in between and I have forgotten about it. Especially now when I am studying which takes up a lot of my free time.

With this course I would like to really push myself and try to do all the assignments and hopefully at the end of the month I will have a solid start for my blog. I like to write about anythig that comes to my mind, arts & crafts, photography, painting or movies. Pretty much whatever interests me and hopefully I can find some like minded people throughout this journey 🙂



Been a while since I’ve been here, as lately there hasn’t been much motivation to do anything. Between writing essays and trying to figure out what to do with my life my brain has been working on autopilot.

I have been trying to set a spark in my creative side, mainly  art and painting which I loved but then I became an adult and real life kicked in. Left it to the side for years but recent events have made me realize that life can sometimes be too short to not try and do things that make you happy. And before I start rambling some more here’s a Cardinal I did a few days ago! They are one of my favorite birds but unfortunately we don’t have them over here.


Bonus Western Scrub Jay! These birds we however do have and the are noisy!