Kale and Berry smoothie


I have been so bad at updating this blog. Numerous times I have started a post but never finished. Starting to study again and working on top of that has taken up all my time. Plus the long and rainy winters of London have not really helped much 😉 Now that things have calmed and spring is upon us I hope to get back into my writing. And for the first post of the year I thought I should talk about my new love of smoothie making.

I know the whole smoothie craze started long time ago but for me it wasn’t that interesting then. In the new year I promised myself to be more healthier and especially since I am getting older and older it gets more important. I don’t make smoothies as part of a detox regime or anything like that, it is more as a substitute for my sugar cravings. I am always looking for something sweet to eat and last year was quite bad, so I promised myself to be better this year.

The great part about smoothies is that the possibilities are endless, it’s such a great way to experiment and be creative. Now I have to admit that some of my smoothies have been less than favorable, some have tasted like utter junk, but most of the time they have been great and if I make a big cup I can carry it around with me and sip on it for a while and that way I won’t even think about sweets. Now I do indulge in chocolate or some baking every once in a while but I just try to keep it more moderate now.

I am hoping to be able to share some of my smoothies with you all as I keep experimenting and finding new flavors.

The recipe for the smoothie in the above picture is:

  • A handfull of kale
  • A handful of almonds
  • One small banana
  • A cup of frozen mixed berries
  • Top up with almond milk/regular milk/water (sometimes I don’t need a liquid depending on what ingredients I use but because of the consistency of the banana the smoothie will be very thick if you don’t use a liquid. Also I like to use almond milk mostly because I think it masks the kale taste-which I am not a great fan of- much better.)
  • Put it all in your blender of choice and blitz!
  • Enjoy!



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