St. James’s Park

St. James's Park is very colorful at the moment!
St. James’s Park is very colorful at the moment!

This weekend I went to St. James’s Park. This is one of the Royal Parks of London and is sort of right in the center of the city, plus it’s right next to Buckingham Palace so the park tends to get really busy. But it was still enjoyable and I was so happy to see that everything was blooming. If you like flowers, go there in spring-summer as it tends to be really pretty.

As in all other parks there are a lot of animals at St. James’s Park. Mostly squirrels, and if you have any food in your hands that you were planning to eat do not sit on a bench. Since people tend to feed them they are not afraid, so I had one steal almost an entire croissant out of my hands once. If you are a big fan of waterfowl this is the place to go. And if you are there at the right moment you will see a lot of babies. Just yesterday I saw some ducklings, Moorhen chicks and juvenile swans.In the summer people come here to sit on the grass and hang out. There are refreshment stands with ice cream, coffe etc throughout the park. Or if you want something more proper there is a restarant there, as well as a playground for kinds to play.

Great white pelican
Great white pelican

But the big attraction at St. James’s Park are the pelicans. The pelicans have been at the park for a very long time. Click here for more info on the pelicans. At the moment there are four Great White Pelicans residing at the park. When I was there before my move to California 2 years ago, they had an American white pelican as well, whom I have posted a picture of down below.

This post is also tying in with The Daily Posts Weekly photo challenge, which was inspiration. This is what inspires me, nature and all the wonderful things surrounding it.

*If you click on the pics they will open up bigger!


This flower had such dark leaves it looks as I did a colorsplash on this photo.
Black-headed gull
Black-headed gull
Herring gull
Herring gull
Very mischeavous little creatures
Juvenile swan
A moorhen feeding its chick!
Grey heron or great blue heron? I can never tell!
Great white pelican
American white pelican!

*I don’t mind the sharing of my photos, but if you do please credit this blog as I spend a lot of time doing this. Thank you!



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