Spring is in the air

Spring has definitely arrived here. While I do like fall for all its beautiful colors I love Spring even more because of all the blooming flowers and trees. I just love to sit outside and watch the birds and bees do their thing 🙂






Stepping out of the box

While I have been trying to get back into painting lately, and am now taking a blogging course to step up my writing,  I have also been eager to try out new things. While I would never consider myself an artist it’s always fun to try new things anyways no matter how bad you might feel at them and hey you might find something you are really good at as well. I have now discovered Inkscape, which is an illustrator program similar to the ones Adobe offers but the best thing is it’s for free! I have had a lot of fun playing around with all the different tools and creating things.

Since it is Easter soon I thought i would share how to make Easter eggs in just a few quick steps:

First just draw a circle
Easter egg 2
Now click on Path –> Object to Path
Easter egg 3
Now click on the highlighted spot and hold. Start dragging your shape upwards.
Easter egg 4
Adjust the shape until you get something like this.
Easter egg 5
Now click on the square icon and make some rectangles over the egg like this. Don’t worry about them coming out a bit.
Easter egg 6
Now left click on the egg itself and press Ctrl+D to duplicate it.
Easter egg 7
The new egg shape should come up on top and your picture should look like this.
Easter egg 8
Now left click and drag a square around all the shapes to mark them all.
Easter egg 9
Now go to Object–>Clip–>Set and click.
Now your shape should look like this.
Easter egg 11
Now mark all the shapes again and to to Object–>Group and click
And now you should be able to adjust the entire shape at once.
Here is an illustration I made in Inkscape as a tryout for some Easter cards I plan on making.


Blogging 101 – Introduction

I have tried to start a blog several times, but then life has always come in between and I have forgotten about it. Especially now when I am studying which takes up a lot of my free time.

With this course I would like to really push myself and try to do all the assignments and hopefully at the end of the month I will have a solid start for my blog. I like to write about anythig that comes to my mind, arts & crafts, photography, painting or movies. Pretty much whatever interests me and hopefully I can find some like minded people throughout this journey 🙂