Photo101 day 4



Today’s assignment was bliss and for once I knew exactly what I wanted to capture!

Fall is my favorite season and it also means that it is finally cold enough here to take this guy out on hikes. Although we didn’t take a hike today, we did go on a nice little walk where I snapped this photo. Hope you guys like it!


My Lab just chilling in all the fallen leaves.





14 thoughts on “Photo101 day 4

  1. You’ve done it! That dog is the embodiment of bliss and you have captured it in your photo. I like the angle, down low, at eye level with your subject. The big aperture and limited depth of field is perfect, a beautiful collage of color in the background but the focus remains solidly on the subject.

    Also really liked your night time, London, bridge, bus lights fading to a single point perspective shot but could figure out how to “like” it! Really nice and amazing.


  2. This is so lovely! As soon as my dog so much as sees a camera pointed in his direction he becomes as far from “blissful” as he can get – hyper little pooch! 😉 Well done with this shot.


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