You win some and you lose some

While I have been celebrating and following our two house finch nests lately, today unfortunately I got to experience tragedy.

Now I am not the squimish one, I have seen dead animals before. Mostly birds and lizards as that is what we have around out here, but today I actually got to watch one die. We have this window that seems to be very reflective and a lot of birds have hit it, but while most of them have been ok today I watched a Mourning Dove hit the window. As soon as I saw that I ran out and it just laid there in the fallen leaves not moving. I picked it up and held it in my hands while blood came out of its mouth. Even though I knew it was too late I still tried to keep it alive by letting it have some water but it didn’t help.

Like I mentioned before, I have seen dead animals before but this one was just so much more awful because I felt so helpless knowing there was nothing I could do. We have a lot of birdfeeders out, and if I may say we have a very nice bird haven out here so it hits extra hard when I see any of the birds die because there is nothing better for me than go outsite with my cup of coffe in the morning and watch and listen to the birds!

PS. we are trying to do something about that window as I don’t think I can bare to hold another poor bird in my hands and watch it die.




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