Birds, birds & more birds!

The past few weeks have been totally nuts with finals but I have finally been able to relax and give the birds some time.

I had a wonderful day today with mostly the hummers. I even got a picture of a new one, a Rufous hummingbird so hopefully I feel see some more of theose as we have only had the Annas around.

 (If you click on the photos you’ll get a bigger version. I really don’t mind people sharing my photos but I do spend a lot of time observing these guys so if you do share please give credit where it’s due! Thank you!!)

Male Anna’s Hummingbird in flight
Female Anna’s Hummingbird in flight.


rufous hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird having a rest. This poor guy was totally outnumbered by the Anna’s


white crowned sparrow
Met this little guy as well. This is the first year we see these guys around here. I think the word is spreading amongst the songbirds 🙂

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