When adults don’t act like adults

When I decided to stop working as a nanny and instead go to school and hopefully make a better future for myself, one of the reasons for that was that I felt like I wanted to be in a more adult envoiroment as all I did was interact with kids all day.

But now after a couple of weeks in school I have to admit I’m already fed up with most of the people in my classes. I remember in elementary school we always had those kids who talked all the time in class (and I admit I did it too. A Lot!!) but when you are in a college or university setting you expect people to act a little more professional. In fact I had one of my professors this past week cut a class short because she was fed up. And I totally understand her, I wouldn’t feel enthusiastic either if I was standing in front of people talking and they didn’t even pay attention to me. The class before that, in the morning, I had two girls behind me talk while the professor was talking and I just wanted to turn around and yell YOU STUPID “##¤¤!#%&&/ SHUT UP!!!!! But I didn’t, I just sat there and grinded my teeth instead.

The next day in Art class I believe that professor had to at least once a minute tell people to be quiet and focus on the drawing. We were doing a very long study that took us two classes to finish ( mostly probably because people couldn’t keep their mouths shut so others could focus)

I think after this week I am fairly certain I don’t want to be a teacher. At least not a professor at a college…


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