The Walking Dead – Claimed

I always get dragged into this show with a promise of zombies and then all that happens in the rest of the episodes is talking and more talking. Even though zombies are starting to get a bit too overdone now I still enjoy it but boy is this show becoming annoying.

I miss the first season of suspense and action. These last three seasons have been so dragging, there’s almost nothing that is keeping me hooked on it anymore. After each episode ends I seriously could not tell what happened in those 43 whatever minutes.

And same goes for this weeks episode, we do get to meet some new people but so far I can’t say any of them seem that interesting anyway. Why not develop the exsisting characters some more before intrducing new ones? Maybe they could save money in hiring new people and putting more on the visual effects. Rick spent the whole episode under a bed, others just continued walking around as usual. I think the show should be renamed The neverending walking!

Although I have to admit it is nice to see Michael Cudlitz on my TV again. Almost fills out the hole in my heart that Southland left. Almost.  Now that was a good energetic show where you could really get involved in it. Hm, might marathon all the seasons again once school isn’t taking up all of my free time.

And of course just when I thought I was kinda done with the show the preview for next week got me pulled back in. We’ll see, maybe I’ll give it just this one last chance. Maybe


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